Bee Pollen Products

Even since Biblical times, bee pollen products have been cited for their health benefits and nutrients. There are a great deal of bee pollen benefits, as well as a slew of products that I will go over here that may even improve ailments and illnesses.

A good immune system boost will assist in hay fever treatment and the easing of hay fever symptoms. Bee pollen is essentially flower pollen that has been harvested back into the hive and stored in honeycombs. Pollen from bees has different enzymes than that of flowers after it has been processed.

Well Know Bee Pollen Products

Royal Jelly is a product available for purchase made from bee pollen that is secreted from glands in the heads of worker bees. It is sold as a nutritional supplement, where many health benefits have been touted. It sometimes contains beeswax and honey cultivated from the combs to help with the limited preservation.

Bee Pollen and Honey

Bee Pollen and Honey

Pollen Honey is another viable choice in the bee pollen products. Normally, honey is filtered and everything else from it is removed in the separation process. With this more raw and organic process though, some of the pollen is left in the honey after the combs have been cultivated. The reason for this is the aforementioned health benefits that it adds to the finished product. By the same token, the honey also makes the bee pollen tolerable to the palette.

Pollen Granules are the most popular method people use to consume bee pollen. The process after extraction does leave in the unique taste to it, which can potentially affect how foods and drinks taste. If you enjoy the taste, then it will be fine. If not though, it is recommended to take some with a strong drink nearby to get the benefits. Adding it to food is only recommended if it will be a tolerable addition to it. The taste can best be described as slightly bitter with just a hint of sweetness. Bittersweet, if you will. It is also crunchy, so keep that texture in mind for your tastes.

Pollen Capsules are relatively tasteless and odorless supplement capsules and bee pollen products that contain ground-up granules. It is much easier to take for people who dislike the taste of the other products. The taste is not even noticeable if followed with a flavorful drink. These may also be recommended generally if you are just beginning a regimen of taking the pollen as a regular vitamin, since it helps introduce gradual amounts in the body.

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